About Rebecca Leffler:

Rebecca Leffler is an author, journalist and consultant who, after a long career in entertainment as France Correspondent for The Hollywood Reporter and film critic on French TV network Canal, traded the red carpet for the yoga mat and champagne for green smoothies. Her best-selling French book "Green, Glam & Gourmande" (Marabout) has been translated to Spanish and Dutch and the English-language adaptation "Très Green, Très Clean, Très Chic: Eat (and live) the New French Way with Plant-based, Gluten-free Recipes for Every Season". She published a follow-up book “Green, Glam & Happy” (Marabout) in 2015 focusing on the science of happiness and food and lifestyle tips that contribute to general well-being, particularly on digestion and brain function. “Green, Glam & Gourmet” was released in “Poche” (paperback) in France in 2016 and "Green & Glam Attitude" will be released in France in October, 2017.

Her website:

IG: @rebeccaleffler

Think: Julia Child…with a lot more kale. Known in France for being “the most Parisian of Americans,” this native New Yorker has been a pioneer in bringing the health food movement to French soil. Leffler continues to prove that living la vie en green can be both easy and delicious. Her vivacious personality, witty prose and passion for plants make readers excited about eating – and living! – well.

Leffler is also at the heart of the global wellness world and brings together what she calls her “best friend foods” and her celebrity “friends with health benefits” from all over the world.

She launched a “Green Chic” corner at the Majestic Hotel beach at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, bridging the world of wellness with entertainment and she has continued to organize très green, très chic high-profile events in both Paris and NYC from the prestigious Alain Ducasse Cooking School to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and recently launched a series of vegan, gluten-free cakes with famed French pastry chef Sébastien Gaudard. 

Praise for Rebecca Leffler’s “très green, très chic” brand:


“Rebecca Leffler, queen of the vegolution…”

-Madame Figaro Magazine, France

 “Rebecca manages the rare feat of bringing together glamour, a playful tone, and a good appetite. Like a good friend, she shares the best of her French and American influences through tips and delicious recipes that are sure to inspire a fresh and healthy new you.”

—Clotilde Dusoulier, author of The French Market Cookbook and Edible French

“Rebecca Leffler is a bright light in the world of wellness—she has a lot of fun all while helping you eat and live healthier and cleaner.”

-Drew Ramsey, MD, author of Fifty Shades of Kale

“If you’ve ever assumed that healthy eating means bland, “crunchy,” or flavorless food, think again. Rebecca Leffler has set out to prove that green cuisine—food that’s wholesome, unprocessed, and veggie-centric—can be sophisticated, fun, and—above all else—très chic. With her colorful, creative recipes, and cheery voice, Leffler marries the art of living fashionably with the art of living well.”

—Gena Hamshaw, certified clinical nutritionist and author of Choosing Raw

 “Her sense of humor and passion for all things wholesome will surely inspire you to put a green, French twist on just about everything. C’est magnifique!”

—Sarah Britton, author of My New Roots

“… for the ‘It Girl’ who wants to live a green and glamorous life. … sassy and witty, and filled with beautifully designed meals that will keep a girl energized, radiant, and ready to strut her stuff!”

—Dana James, MS, CNS, CDN, BANT, AADP, founder and director of Food Coach NYC

“Rebecca Leffler’s haute approach to green cuisine and everything in between … a must-have for anyone who wants to embody the eco-friendly, green lifestyle. Her tasty and health-affirming recipes work wonders on the skin and promote optimal wellbeing.”

—Latham Thomas, maternity wellness expert and author of Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy;