M.O.B. Summer Camp: The End

by Rebecca Leffler | August 2, 2017


“Choosing Happiness”

Hey summer, SLOW DOWN.  I’m not quite ready to say au revoir to my favorite sunny season quite yet, are you?

It’s hard to believe, but Monday night was our last edition of M.O.B. Summer Camp 2014. Every Monday in August, we transformed Brooklyn hotspot M.O.B. into a green getaway with YogArts & Crafts, fun and games galore, hiking (well, does walking outside to M.O.B.’s gorgeous outdoor garden count? I think oui.) and most importantly, new friends.

As they say, time flies when you’re having…food. Healthy and delicious food, that is. Each week, our green masterchef Gabe Kennedy invaded MO.B.’s already plant-powered kitchen to prepare a feast for the eyes, the belly and the soul.

In case you missed it, voilà more on those magic Mondays:




No tears, please. We’ll be back soon to fête the best day of the week (Monday, that is. If you haven’t been to an event, you may not yet be as thrilled about this special day as we are, so just reminding you) SOON. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here are some highlights from our last event.

This week’s theme was “Choosing Happiness.”

We welcomed Gena Hamshaw, author of brand new book CHOOSING RAW and the famous blog by the same name. http://www.choosingraw.com

Gena joined us to sign books and give tips on how to incorporate more raw foods into our daily lives.

The theme was fitting : summer is all about happiness, whether it’s taking time off to unwind, moving around outside, spending quality time with family and friends or biting into a perfectly ripe summer peach.

Eating well, doing yoga, meditating, eating more raw / plant-based foods and drinking our greens are all great, but not if there’s no pleasure involved.

The most important ingredient of all? L.O.V.E. True story. (OK, cheesy, but true. Stop rolling your eyes. Yes, you.)

Gabe Kennedy, aka the feel-good chef, whipped up another delicious (and vegan and gluten-free for that matter) meal inspired by the recipes from Gena’s book with his own feel-good flare.

The menu is below, including a recipe generously shared by Chefs Gabe and Gena.

Like every Monday, we nursed a hangUNDER at the LuliTonix blends bar to kick off the evening. We knew it would be a long night when we were already tipsy on turmeric tonics by 6 PM. We all went on to get drunk on happiness with unlimited shots … of raw chia potions and blended green goodness. We sipped on creamy, dreamy concoctions with names like “fresh!” and “kick!” which made us (and our insides) want to dance as the “Chia Life” did indeed bring us back to life after a long day (it was Monday after all.)


As we beautified ourselves from the inside, we also added a touch of glam to the outside. (We’re fancy, what can I say?) Mio Skincare was back to make sure our skin stayed fit with body-brushing lessons and samples of their skinsational body treatments. Their workout wonder muscle gel and Liquid Yoga restorative bath soaks were perfect for our active evening.


Osmia Organics sent a breath of fresh air from Colorado with a sampling of their luxury, artisan soaps and scents. Their soaps and serums feature some of my favorite ingredients to eat (think: —-) packaged in a très green & glam bar that looks more like a work of art than something to bathe with.

Their Luz facial brightening serum brightened up our skin as we got ready to roll out our yoga mats as shining light Jes Allen brightened up our lives with her fabulous flow.


Jes, our own YogArtist-in-residence, led us in a relaxing yet energizing yoga flow to get our bodies and minds happy….all in the middle of the busy restaurant! This was certainly a lesson in taking yoga off the mat, accessing our inner calm amidst any storm.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of taking a class with Jes, or simply being in her presence, check out this dancing, downward-dogging queen here: http://www.jesallen.com

We were also treated to la haut kaleture of green fashions by Troy Cloth & Paper whose avocado “I’m good fat” tees (and baby bibs! Does not get cuter than that), “you make miso happy” notecards and other amazing plant-powered prints (think: “Eat what’s in season,” “Buy local” and more…) are my new green obsession du jour.

http://troyclothandpaper.com (and enjoy a discount in case you missed our fashion shows all summer, code: eatplants for 15% off. I say, KALE YEAH!)

Speaking of high kitchen fashion, I’d like to introduce you all to my new favorite kitchen utensil (mostly for its name, but also because it’s really supercool and I am so chopstickly-challenged that it’s embarrassing) … the Chork! Oh yes, it’s just what it sounds like – a chopstick and a fork all in one.


Not to be confused with the Spork that is – oh you guessed it! – a spoon/fork combo.

And even though the meal was delectable, I made sure to leave some to enjoy the next day with my très green & chic picnic roll up with 100% organic, bamboo utensils. I do not want picnic season to ever end, but this set is so chic I may just roll it out in my own kitchen.


They also sell a knife called “The green empress”. I can’t afford it, but I think I may want to marry it.


OK, I diverge.. it’s time to eat!  Well, is it time? We’re all just living in the present moment and not worrying about the future…thanks to Tiny Time Machine’s awesome watches that simply say “NOW” on them. We were also distracted by our très green & glam “infinity” bracelets reminding us of the present of the present. To infinity and beyond! Oh and because I love you, if you want one of these watches or bracelets use coupon code: Greentimemachines on their website http://www.stealtimeback.com for a 10% discount (OK so you’re not really STEALING time, but close 😉

OK, OK I’m done, promise…let’s EAT!

Here’s what we enjoyed:

“Collard back yo” Collard wraps with cashew pâté and Goji berries

“Carrots crème-de-la-crème” Roasted turmeric-cumin-coconut carrots with cashew yogurt

“The slawterhouse Rules” Cabbage slaw with apple, goldenberries and

“Cauliflower me baby” Roasted cauliflower with curry and coconut oil

“You say tomato I say delicious” Local heirloom tomato salad with fresh basil

“It’s so charred to say goodbye” Charred wax beans with pepitas and a smoked paprika dressing

“Oh my gourd!” Roasted squash with marinated kale, pepitas and pine nuts

“Breakfast for dinner” bowls (inspired by Breakfast Criminals and in true summer camp-style) : Homemade gluten-free apple walnut bread with fresh organic raspberries, blueberries and pomegranate topped with a dollop of vanilla cashew cream and Navitas Naturals hemp seeds

If you want to make any of these amazing meals at home, it’s easy! Just…call Gabe and have him come and be your private chef, hire Gena as your nutritionist and Jes as your private yoga instructor! Just kidding…sort of. They all are in fact available for these services in the NYC area, but in the meantime, here are some other ways to get your vedge on chez vous.

1) Buy Gena’s book. It rocks. The recipes are easy, breezy and rawmazing. Choosingraw.com

2) Head to Gabe’s website where he shares his (not always vegan, but always fabulous) recipes greengabe.com

3) Buy my French book. Practice your favorite romance language and fall in love with vegetables at the same time.


4) Use my favorite products on the planet…or at least in the NYC area.

Nuts by Living Nutz, from a family farm in Maine. I am totally nuts about these nutz!


Oils by Emile Noel. My favorite French farming family now has a home in the USA! Exciting. Think: olive oil, sesame oil, pumpkin seed oil… Their toasted sesame oil is divine and their sweet oils – walnut, almond, etc. – complement any savory dish or dessert. J’adore.


Superfoods by Navitas Naturals. The quality of superfoods is incredibly important both in terms of nutritional value and flavor. Superfoods aren’t so super unless they are properly sourced and treated. I’ve been a fan of Navitas Naturals for ages and I swear they get more super by the day. Many of their superfoods went into the making of this meal and they’re so easy to find at pretty much every Whole Foods, natural market or online. Add mulberries and/or goji berries to the collard wraps, hemp seeds to the dessert, goldenberries to the slaw, cashews to the collard wraps and roasted carrots, coconut sugar to the dessert (and, in fact, to the slaw or any other savory dishes to substitute for the agave), and cacao nibs and powder can be/should be consumed at all times of day says… well, me. Save the maca for your morning smoothie please, this stuff is so energizing and hormone-balancing, but it’s better for actual breakfast than breakfast for dessert. If you can’t get your hands on fresh pomegranate seeds, sprinkle the powder over your dish.


Nut butters: Dastony! Tahini, almond butter, cashew butter… all of these can be added to everything and everything so indulge!

Oh and check out https://www.breakfastcriminals.com for more superfood-infused recipes starring my favorite meal !

This isn’t just a summer fling – TGIM will continue this Fall so stay tuned for more magic Monday madness! And M.O.B. is open every day of the week all year long! This amazing space just next to the Barclay’s Center on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn serves up burgers, chips and – don’t worry (have we met?) it’s all vegan, fresh and très tasty. http://www.mob-usa.com

They also have two locations in Paris so stay tuned for more F.U.N. there!

5) Cleanse, baby, cleanse! OK so as you may have noticed, we’re all a little bit mad for Monday. LuliTonix wants to make every day just a little bit amazing. To “kick”- start (pun very much intended, that it of course the title of my favorite of their blends) this philosophy, they have created weekday nourishment multi-packs, aptly named TGIM (Thank God it’s Monday) multi-packs, all with a built-in discount! AND the best news? You can try a TGIM multi-pack or cleanse for an extra 20% off right now — just use the code CAMPMOB at checkout and find out why “Life is better blended.” (It is, confirmed. Blend it like Becca, let’s do it, kids.)

6) Download the Greenhopping App! This app helps you to get your green on anywhere, with a database of green juice bars and plant-based food. Think: a much more green & chic GPS!


Thanks to everyone who came out for summer camp this month. It was so much fun to be a camp counselor and meeting such amazing campers! (and eating the best “camp food” in history, bien sûr). The best part of these gatherings is the people who make them special, so I look forward to more très green, très clean and très chic adventures together soon! Merci beaucoup to M.O.B. for letting us invade their great space and to their tireless crew, to Gabe for feeding our bodies, to Jes for nourishing our souls, to all of our sponsors for their green & glam gifts and to YOU…for reading this entire blog post until the end. (If you’ve made it this far, you may redeem your free gift by contacting me at Irock@lafleurparisny.com. True story.)

A bientôt and see you in September!

M.O.B.  Summer Camp: THE END.

…and they lived happily ever after….

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