M.O.B. SUMMER CAMP ! aka Why Monday is now the Best day EVER

by Rebecca Leffler | August 2, 2017

Dear Monday,

I’m sorry we haven’t gotten along in the past. To be honest, I used to fear you and hated spending time with you. Hey, let’s kiss and make up. Monday, je t’aime.



Have a case of the Mondays? So do we. And we LOVE it! What? Oh, OUI. TGIM! (Friday who?) Mondays are the new best day ever this summer.

On Monday, August 4th, we rolled out the green carpets at Brooklyn hotspot M.O.B. for our first inaugural M.O.B. SUMMER CAMP 2014 event.

M.O.B. summer camp (for adults!) is just like the summer camp you remember from your youth (or if you didn’t attend summer camp as a youth, you’re missing out so come on over and make up for lost time!) : it’s filled with only happy things, fun friends, amusing activities and it will make you forget the real world just for a little while.

On Monday, us campers packed our bags (not really, do pocketbooks count?), boarded a large school bus (well, most of us arrived by subway or citibike) and headed to Paris, Brooklyn (yes, it’s a real place. 525 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, NY).

We started off the evening with HAPPY HOUR à la Lulitonix, our blends with benefits. http://lulitonix.com Guests were able to sample their mind-blowing blends, raw chia potions and excellent elixirs at our fully-stocked MOBar. We all got drunk on happiness (and possibly Goji, greens and ginger – I’m telling you, those are nature’s own drugs.)

Forget detoxing. At this bar, we were retoxing, only this time with blended green goodness to get our bodies energized for the crazy week ahead (oh and our skin glowing too, a welcome side effect of overdosing on omega-3s and antioxidants.) “Chias! Where everybody knows your name…and they’re always glad you cleansed…” (to be sung.)

Oh and PS Lulitonix is inviting you to continue your hangover of JOY all week long with a special TGIMonday deal on a 3-day cleanse that will have you ready to head off on that weekend getaway in style and in SMILES by Friday (or Thursday, if you are one of those people.) Enter code: CAMPMOB for your special summer body-lovin’ discount.

Our MOBar was all possible thanks to our lifelong love affair with our other friends with blendefits, the Vitamix! Vitamix.com

Not familiar with Monsieur, le Vitamix? Befriend him. Make him your lover. (He’s mine, but I can’t help but share the love, he’s so sexy.)

It’s so important to hydrate, but especially in summer. And who wants to slave over the stove (or even turn ON the stove) in summertime, right? Enter…the Vitamix! Are you sitting down? Here is the only cooking (or UNcooking) lesson you’ll need this season. Step 1) Take all of that amazing seasonal (local and organic even better) summer produce and wash it, peel it and chop it up. 2) Add it to a Vitamix. 3) Blend, baby, blend. 4) Consume. OK so perhaps it’s not that simple, but stay tuned for more recipes à la Leffler. In the meantime, fall in love with this chocolate mousse recipe:


So where were we?

Oh, right, SUMMER CAMP at M.O.B. !

After whetting our appetites with blended joy, we rolled out our designer yoga mats à la http://www.yogadesignlab.com for a feel-good flow à la Jes Allen jesallen.com (complete with tipi, just because we weren’t kidding when we said it’s time for CAMP!)

The sexiest chef in the universe, Gabe Kennedy greengabe.com fed us an amazing Farm-to-SMILE menu highlighting happy foods.

Don’t head to the pharmacy to get over that weekend hangover (yes, hangovers happen. Usually after a period of a lot of fun, so no regrets, onward and upward!) We have a FARMacy at M.O.B.! Just like Rite-Aid, only this is actually the right aid. We went au naturel for this incredibly delicious, gourmet feast that just so happened to be vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and refined sugar-free (but we hardly even noticed!)

Menu du jour :


Moroccan Collard Wraps

Happy highlight: Mulberries

Ingredients: Spiced carrot salad, with mulberry and rose water, marinated cabbage and a creamy herbed cashew puree

Collard back, yo! These colorful wraps are easy to make at home. Just take your collard green and wrap it around a cashew purée (our favorite nuts? Living Nutz! http://www.livingnutz.com We’re totally Nutz about these top-quality nuts and seeds from a family-run farm in Maine). Plus, cashews are filled with not only protein, but also tryptophan that boosts serotonin levels in the brain and makes us happy. The wraps were sprinkled with mood-boosting mulberries (our favorite? Navitas Naturals. Navitasnaturals.com) that are so rich in vitamins and minerals, including magnesium. Plus, they aid digestion and, as we know, a happy belly means happiness all around.  Mulberries are rich in protein, antioxidants, iron, calcium, fiber and vitamin C, plus reservatrol, the famous anti-aging ingredient found in red wine (don’t worry, these delicious berries won’t get you drunk, but they’re so good you may feel like dancing around the room for no reason. Be warned.)

Turmeric Cauliflower

Happy highlight: turmeric

Roasted cauliflower, currants, toasted pine nuts and light herb vinaigrette.

Orange is the new black. Perhaps, but it’s definitely delicious. This turmeric-infused treat was exploding with flavor. Turmeric is a superfood that has incredible effects on the brain and helps to fight depression. Hey, forget science, this dish was so good it was actually physically impossible not to jump for joy after just a few bites (we all had more than a few.)

Kale, Quinoa and Citrus Salad

Happy highlight: quinoa

Ingredients: romatic quinoa, massaged dinosaur kale, tossed with charred corn, citrus, red onion, watermelon radish and a shallot vinaigrette

Thought you knew the kale-quinoa salad well? So did we. Then we tried Chef Gabe’s twist on this classic. Quinoa is rich in magnesium, a superfood for a super mood and of course, as we know, kale is vegetable Prozac, rich in beta-carotene and lutein and zeaxanthin that boost mood. Oh and lots of protein, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, calcium and fiber don’t hurt either.

Tahini Miso Soba

Happy highlight: miso

Ingredients: Buckwheat soba and local cherry tomato and kale sprouts dressed with a sweet and salty Dastony tahini and South River Miso emulsion.

This dish was so simple, but elegant. Like in much green cooking, it’s all about all-star products. Here, we paired Dastony tahini (warning: this tahini is so silky smooth, tasty and – oh did we mention raw (they also offer a sprouted version, even more ALIVE!) and nutritious too? – you’ll never go back to opening any other sesame) with South River chickpea miso, that is not only gluten-free and soy-free, but also so flavorful our taste buds were thanking us in Japanese. Miso is rich in probiotics that keeps our gut flora balanced and thus, our bellies and entire bodies feeling great. This was all topped with local, organic kale microgreens from Good Water Farms – le best!




Oh and “You maki miso happy” cards – our theme of the evening, namely HAPPY foods like belly-loving miso – courtesy of Troy Cloth & Paper


The adorable (perhaps most adorable article of clothing we’ve ever seen in our lives? Seriously, try to find me something cuter, I dare you.) baby avocado “the good fat” onesie and “Feed Me” t-shirts not to mention beautiful prints “No problem a few sun salutations can’t fix” (it’s true.) all come from the same loving, plant-infused home at Troy Cloth & Paper.

La haute kaleture of veg-forward fashion!

Peaches and Cream

Happy highlight: Cacao

Ingredients: Roasted summer peach over homemade hemp granola, Rawmio chocolate hazelnut spread and glazed in a coconut, ginger vanilla emulsion.

In French, they say “j’ai la pêche!” It means I’m in good shape / I have a lot of energy. This dessert is the epitome of its meaning. Rich, creamy and sweet without being heavy, this summer dessert paired perfectly-roasted peaches with the crème de la crème of all creamy sauces, a coconut milk glaze and ginger vanilla emulsion. Rawmio’s chocolate hazelnut spread (think: Nutella for the wellness crowd) added even more childhood-inspired fun to our plates. Cacao is a great source of magnesium, a mineral that naturally reduces stress levels, plus theobromine, a natural mood booster. Cacao’s tryptophan boosts serotonin to reduce anxiety and act in much the same way as love (yes, l-o-v-e) in our brains.

Then, it was time to turnip the beet for vegetable-inspired music and art. Chef Gabe tapped into his inner wrap star by providing a hip hop healthy rap while serving us raw collard wraps and world-renowned artist, Brooklyn’s own Jeremy Penn jeremypenn.com made a special appearance to present his chef d’oeuvre masterpiece… namely, a painting of Serge Gainsbourg made from acai, pomegranate and black quinoa. True story. Stay tuned as the plant-based art vegolution continues…

We took a field trip to play outside in MOB’s gorgeous garden while the sun shone outside.

We had fun zen and now thanks to a friendly reminder to enjoy the present with our favorite new watches with only NOW written on them from Tiny Time Machines. (Like them? Enter code Greentimemachine for a special 10% off discount – our present to you to remind you to live in the present.)

And in case you were wondering, M.O.B. stands for “Maimonides of Brooklyn,” a homage to the 12th century intellectual who liked to eat plants (cool guy!) This hipster-meets-healthy hangout isn’t just a restaurant. It’s a lifestyle. MOB is the Brooklyn-based incarnation of French vegolutionary Cyril Aouizerate. M.O.B. has two sister restaurants in Paris and brings a French-accented flare to its food, made with lots of amour. 

From 5:30 – 9 PM every Monday in August, M.O.B.’s Brooklyn space will be transformed into an urban campground. Escape from work early and join us for Happy Hour by Lulitonix, a yoga class with Jes Allen (at 6 PM and/or at 7PM) and a casual, family-style dinner by our favorite feel good chef Gabe. On August 11th, bring the kids early (4PM) for Mommy & Me yoga with Jessica Rose Hetherington, our favorite green & glam baby products and Mama MIO skincare.

Join us next time! For more info or to sign up, email campmob@lafleurparisny.com

Location: M.O.B. Brooklyn


525 Atlantic Avenue – Brooklyn, NY 11217

Closest subway: Barclays Center-Atlantic Avenue B/D/N/Q/R/2/3/4/5

Dress code: La Haute Kaleture (just kidding. We’re not fancy. Just come ready-to-eat in anything you want!) Black-tie optional. Smile NOT optional.

Time: 5:30 – 9 PM whenever you can pop in! It’s Casual Monday! (Hey, we’re stealing all of the fun from Friday, why not take the casual too?) Yoga classes at 6 PM and 7 PM.

Some more info on our CAMP COUNSELORS

Group leader: Rebecca Leffler

Rebecca Leffler is a writer, journalist and optimist who, after a long career in entertainment (France Correspondent of The Hollywood Reporter and film critic on French TV network Canal+), has traded the red carpets of Paris for the green streets of New York. Her book “Green, Glam & Gourmande” brought la végolution to France in March 2014 and is being translated into several languages. TRÈS GREEN, TRÈS CLEAN, TRÈS CHIC : Eat (and Live!) the New French Way with Vegan, Gluten-Free Recipes for Every Season will be available in the USA in April 2015. Rebecca hosts green and chic events in NY and Paris on both a public and corporate level and is an expert in “branded greentertainment” aka her unique communication for wellness brands. Check out more of Rebecca’s trans-Atlantic adventures at lafleurparisny.com


Mess hall head chef: Gabe Kennedy

From Boulder to Bali to Brooklyn, Gabe Kennedy brings consciousness, humor and positive thought with his approachable fun lifestyle. Inspired by his love of the earth, the environment and food, Gabe weaves messages of sustainability, health and food as pleasure into his cuisine and everyday life. With the philosophy of ‘breaking the label’ and conscious consumption, Gabe is a fresh voice in the space. Gabe is a graduate of Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration and graduated first in his class from The Culinary Institute of America. Currently, he does product development for a variety of Organic Food Brands and is a Private Chef.


Arts & Crafts and Yoga : Jes Allen

Jes Allen has a lifetime of experience in movement and the arts. She grew up dancing, drawing, and competing in gymnastics. Following college Jes worked as a designer for several fashion brands in New York City only to soon return to her movement roots. She grounded herself in personal liberation and self expression. Yoga was the “aha” switch to all things transformative. Jes is an inspiration seeker, a leader and a student with a deep passion for movement, music and all things creative. She leads classes at Strala Yoga NYC, Daya Yoga Brooklyn, for special events, corporate programs, workshops and retreats.

“The things we practice each day constantly shape the directions of our lives. I wish to see people practicing feeling free within their own body and mind. I wish to see people practicing connecting with and expressing themselves. I wish to see people practicing facing fears and allowing the courage within to surface. I aim to help others move free, be playful, lead inspiring lives and enjoy the ride.” – Jes Allen


Color War Captain: Jeremy Penn

New York-based modern artist, Jeremy Penn studied Fine Art at both the University of Maryland and Pratt Institute. His works have been exhibited internationally and are affiliated with the following museums: Whitney Contemporaries, Museum of Modern Art, Woodstock Artists Association and Museum, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, Chelsea Art Museum, International Encaustic Artists. Penn’s work explores the feelings of an initial gaze and how that moment in time can be captured through his art. With a heavy emphasis on his subject’s eyes, Penn envisions and creates the seductive lure that is felt between the subject in the painting and its viewer.  Camp MOB will be his first foray into l’art de vegetables, so stay tuned…


Camp Mom: Jessica Hetherington

This San Diego transplant to New York is a certified yoga instructor and Mommy to Goldie.

”I love teaching & sharing my passion with everyone, especially other moms, babies & kids!! It’s such a bonding experience for both mother and child, we all connect & feel the yoga feel good vibes practicing together.” –Jessica

Tender bartender: LuliTonix

LuliTonix is all about embracing health and FUN as a way of life. They are passionate about the benefits of fiber, espouse balance, but are never dogmatic. Every drink they create is accessible to newbies, but always authentic enough for the most ardent juice-head.

The new landscape of wellness, juice and nutrition is about being strong, badass, balanced and healthy, but what is all that without ENJOYMENT, satisfaction and passion to boot?

LuliTonix concocts the most amazing Raw Blended Greens, elixirs and chia potions that provide the ultimate in  nourishment, sustenance, and health while also delighting the taste buds—providing a  “crave-ability” factor that they felt was lacking in many of the “healthy” drinks and tonics out there. They want to create things to fuel your life, they want you to LOVE your fuel, Love your body, Love your life!



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