OH MY GREEN ! Green beauty à la Oh My Cream !

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WELCOME /BIENVENUE “chez moi” and by this I of course mean my deluxe suite in a 5-star Parisian hotel, because that’s how I roll, bien sûr. While we did shoot in a very green and très chic rooftop suite at Le Mandarin Oriental’s Paris, my beauty tips are for anyone on the go, whether it’s jetsetting around la France or simply around the block or to the office. Check out the interview and video by clicking the links below.

If you have any questions on where to find any of these products in the US or in France (or anywhere in le world !) don’t hesitate to ask!


Bon green weekend everyone!

En français:

Interview in French Oh My Cream!

In English (the video is only in French, so feel free to practice your français oui oui oui !) :

Interview in English Oh My Cream !

REBECCA LEFFLER is a writer and journalist who, after a career as the France correspondent for The Hollywood Reporter and film critic on TV network Canal+, has traded the red carpets of Paris for the green streets of New York, where she hosts events for and provides communication and consulting services to wellness brands. Rebecca's best-selling French book "Green, Glam & Gourmande" launched in 2014 and has been translated to several languages including the US adaptation "Très Green, Très Clean, Très Chic: The new French way to eat - and live! - Plant-based, Gluten-free recipes for every season."

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