Très green, très clean, très chic book pre-launch in NYC


The Soho House turned into a GREEN House on Tuesday night when I gave members and guests a sneak peek at the English-language version of my new book, “Très Green, Très Clean, Très Chic.”




What better way to celebrate than to surround myself with my favorite très green things? The theme of my book is balance – on our plates, on our yoga mats and in our lives. As they say “your vibe attracts your tribe,” so I made sure my tribe included some of my favorite brands that also celebrate a balanced lifestyle.

The evening kicked off with greenpéritifs, aka Heartbeet Juicery green juices.



“This is my heartbeet song and I’m gonna juice it, been so long I forgot how to blend it up up up up all day long, oh up up up all day long…” To be sung. While dancing around the room drinking the best juice in NYC / the world. Heartbeet juices are all cold-pressed and actually made from the best stuff on earth. They are très green and très clean, but also très chic thanks to petite, cute glass bottles. They make juices, smoothies and food, but for this particular evening served up their green-hued collection including my personal favorite Super Greens, a mix of – you guessed it – greens of all kinds (celery, parsley, romaine, kale, cucumber and spinach) mixed with lemon, ginger and a hint of apple. We drank them in wine glasses because we’re fancy.

Speaking of fancy, we rolled out le green carpet for my favorite French fashion brand Heimstone. Their colorful collection – featuring several green-colored pieces, bien sûr – graced the walls and tables with la haute green couture.


I wore their beautiful, flowery Ellis sweater and très green, très chic green coat. Plus, my new “it “ book fits perfectly into their new “it” bag, the “buddy bag” – a perfect match. Heimstone clothes are so perfect for the très green, très chic lifestyle – they’re comfortable and loose, so easily worn for yoga or staying active, but also fashion-friendly enough to dress up. Plus, their collection is so colorful and wild – it just makes you want to frolic in a French field of grass, doesn’t it? J’adore!



I was wearing flowers from head to toe thanks to my favorite flowery fragrances  by Lotus Wei. I sprayed some “Infinite Love” on before the night began – perfect for added charisma, magnetism and spreading love to a group of people. Their “calm mind” mist was perfect for this crowd of busy New Yorkers, particularly mid-week. It’s a miracle for monkey minds like mine at all times and also happens to be – you guessed it – green! As you may know, I’ve been nicknamed Lafleur in France which means, the flower. I’m all about the flower power of Lotus Wei’s products that are a perfect accompaniment to the très green, très clean, très chic lifestyle, balancing both body and mind…all with an amazing aroma of les fleurs! Their flower essences are so unique, so colorful, so aromatic and also filled with so many of my favorite ingredients I use in many of my culinary recipes. I particularly recommend their mini mists and serums to carry around in one’s purse at all times while running around town in case of mind of body emergency. (Yes, you can literally carry “inner peace” with you or spray “radiant energy” all over a room – true story.)


When everyone arrived, I performed a very advanced, difficult cooking demo. No, just kidding, I showed all of these busy and fabulous New Yorkers that it’s possible to eat healthy even when one is busy and fabulous. I added (unsweetened and unsweetened vanilla) So Delicious coconut yogurt (the name is quite appropriate for these plant-based probiotic powerhouses that are creamy and flavorful and feature only Rebecca-approved ingredients) to petite wine glasses and topped with Purely Elizabeth granola. I of course recommend trying out my recipes for homemade haute coconut yogurt and homemade granolove from my book, but voilà the next best thing. PE granola is also made with love and sweetened only by coconut sugar (“pour some coconut sugar on me….” Also to be sung.) Et voilà ! A perfect parfait!


The lovely ladies of Sakara Life were also on hand serving up their signature salads drizzled with their colorful array of salad dressings. Sakara founders Danielle and Whitney contributed an amazing summer picnic recipe to my book, so it was only natural (pun very much intended) that their incredible food make an appearance at the soirée. The huge bowls of greens and seasonal produce were quickly emptied by guests who were awed by how much flavor they found in their plant-based plates. Sakara Life is basically like having your own personal green chef and nutritionist at home, at the office and while traveling. I totally advocate this “semi-homemade” approach to city life. Even if you aren’t on a full Sakara cleanse, you can keep their dressings in the fridge and pour them over anything and everything – a bowl of quinoa or rice, steamed veggies, salad…


All were served in Cheeky Home colorful paper bowls and plates. I love this company’s concept. For every product sold, they donate a meal to someone in need in the U.S. What a feedomenal idea!


And, while preparing the food, I made sure to belt out some songs and dance around the room thanks to my favorite headphones à la Caeden. This is the most très green, très clean, très chic technology around. Just like the recipes in my book, the products are first and foremost about quality and function, but fashion is also a major concern. Oh and did I mention the headphones use vegan leather? Oh oui! I feature “positive playlists” for every season in each chapter of my book since singing and dancing around the room while preparing one’s food is an essential ingredient for a delicious meal (and a delicious life.) I am also très excited for Caeden’s all new connected jewelry line launching in the Fall. Meditation and fitness never looked so stylish.


Also making a cameo appearance this evening was a major star of my book, namely… Matcha! Just when I thought I couldn’t love this très green, très chic miracle ingredient any more, enter… Panatea! This is top quality matcha with a bright green hue and amazing flavor and I confess that it has made its way into pretty much every beverage and breakfast of mine for weeks. It’s my favorite green morning ritual. It literally whisked me off of my feet! (and please note: the Matcha whisk also serves as a wonderful microphone for those mornings when you are dancing around the room thanks to Matcha’s amazing abilities to boost mood and energy levels) I have many Matcha recipes in my book – it’s not just for lattés !


IMG_9564And even if it’s not quite watermelon season in NYC, Wtrmln Wtr made a splash by infusing the evening with their cold-pressed, deliciously hydrating eau de watermelon. It’s so good, it’s naturally intoxicating.

Then the evening got really wild. Guests also snacked on Wilderness Poets’ wild mixes starring super superfoods like cacao, cashews, coconut, goji berries and more. These tiny packs are my favorite snack while running around the city – I always keep them in my bag for an easy snack anytime.


In between all of this eating and drinking, I of course rolled out my yoga mat and did some OM away from home. I’m all about fashion meeting function and also all about the greatest pants in the universe so bien sûr I was wearing Lulucitron – that’s a fancy French way of saying Lululemon. And of course my nails had to match my outfit which had to match my yoga mat so it was green galore thanks to Priti nail polishes ! Priti’s polishes are 5 free and support organic farmers (how I like to think of myself – free and supporting organic farmers) and their mission is to decrease the amount of chemicals poisoning the earth and its inhabitants (again, just like moi!)  Oh and did I mention everything is vegan? (also like my book recipes, though I hate labels!) Their soy polish remover actually – gasp! – removes polish? True story. Life-changing.





I really wanted to blend my green favorites from France and the US from head to toe so I made sure to shower everyone with the best hair care products on both sides of the Atlantic, Leonor Greyl!

I also brought a sampling of some of my favorite (top secret) (but not anymore) ingredients from Europe – Aman Prana’s hot cocoa mix and matcha blend, gula java coconut sugar and my favorite spice blend on planet earth, their ORAC-botanico mix that adds the most incredible flavor and boost of nutrition to every dish imaginable. They’re finally available in the USA – très exciting!

Also joining MOI was… MIO! (yes, it’s MOI spelled backwards, just one more reason why I adore this beauty brand) Their high-intensity bodycare was perfect for this NYC high-intensity crowd, not to mention life-saving and skin-saving in the midst of this never-ending and skin-drying East Coast winter. Their products are also très yoga friendly (think: workout wonder or liquid yoga) and also happen to have punderfully creative product names like “boob tube,” “get waisted” or “skin tight.”


And for a nightcap, we sipped lovely herbal blends from Teapigs (don’t worry, these teas are totally pork-free and, in fact, filled only with top-quality whole leaf teas in très chic and eco-friendly biodegradable tea temples). We sipped on lemon and ginger, liquorice and mint  and green (what else? 😉 teas and sent everyone on their way with little packets of Matcha and très cute tiny packets of the herbal blends (my new favorite B.Y.O.Tea to have on hand at all times in case of emergenTEA)

The evening – like my book – was all about staying green and healthy even in a modern, urban lifestyle. Pursoma brought their unique product line built specifically to fight against urban toxicity using all natural ingredients… many of which come from la France! They help to rid the body of heavy metals and damage from daily stressors, an inevitable consequence of living in NYC. The products are the perfect way to detox in parallel to a très green, très clean diet. Plus, this change in season is the perfect time for such a cleanse. Au revoir, toxins!

Everything was sugar-free, except for my favorite place for a bikini sugaring…Shobha! Yes, this is the only kind of sugar I advocate 😉 It’s like waxing, only much more gentle on the skin and it’s au naturel, just sugar, lemon juice, water and glycerin. This brow and bikini beauty brand gifted guests with rosewater freshening cloths.

Guests also left with très green, très chic gift bags featuring amazing souvenirs from the evening like VIP discounts on NYC-based cleanses Sakara Life and Heartbeet Juicery, a beauty treatment at Shobha and more. (If you’re crying as you read this, just send me a note and I may just share my special codes à la Leffler with you, our little secret).

Also included was a CALM essential oil blend from 21 Drops. This is an ESSENTIAL essential oil for NYC life (I personally think it should be mandatory in all subways, traffic circles or offices in the area.) It’s literally an anti-craziness miracle spray. It should always be kept in your bag and applied throughout the day when you need to chill out and calm down (or someone near you does, don’t hesitate to share, I say.) Plus, did I mention, it’s green? Not to mention some sample-sized stars of the evening’s festivities like granola, tea, superfood mixes and beauty products like Mio skincare samples, green amenity mists from Lotus Wei, Priti polishes and more. The green after-party continues at home!

The vegolution may not be televised! Or photographed! The Soho House has a strict photo policy, but I managed to take a few snapshots to capture the evening (Our little secret, s’il vous plait). Voilà!


You can pre-order le book HERE

and enter to win so many amazing très green, très clean, très chic prizes including many of the green goodies from this Soho House soirée! Just order and send your confirmation via email and you’ll WIN! Bon green appétit!



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Très Green, Très Clean, Très Chic: Eat (and Live!) the New French Way with Plant-Based, Gluten-Free Recipes for Every Season Paperback – April 21, 2015

REBECCA LEFFLER is a writer and journalist who, after a career as the France correspondent for The Hollywood Reporter and film critic on TV network Canal+, has traded the red carpets of Paris for the green streets of New York, where she hosts events for and provides communication and consulting services to wellness brands. Rebecca's best-selling French book "Green, Glam & Gourmande" launched in 2014 and has been translated to several languages including the US adaptation "Très Green, Très Clean, Très Chic: The new French way to eat - and live! - Plant-based, Gluten-free recipes for every season."

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