A YOGAlution at MERCI in Paris!

by Rebecca Leffler | August 2, 2017

Allons enfants de la patrie, le jour de GREEN est arrivé…

On Tuesday night, there was a YOGAlution in Paris!

We transformed the first floor of très chic boutique MERCI into a yoga class, green café and runway of positive vibes.

Strike a yoga pose! Oh, we did! Thanks to the amazing Sandrine Bridoux (aka @Frenchyogagirl) who led us in an energizing flow as we gazed upon the guests at AESOP skincare’s launch party downstairs. We rolled out the … yellow carpets with LOLE  yoga mats, headbands and apparel. Parisian met NYC cool as Sandrine brought the NYC-born Strala Yoga style to la France and the room was filled with smiling guests nourishing their bodies from the inside out…and the outside in! The entire store smelled of Aesop’s new Marrakech intense fragrance, a perfect aroma to transport us during this voyage of mind and body.

We blended superfoods, spirulina and fresh, seasonal and organic fruits and vegetables in the Vitamix and juiced them into colorful concoctions like a pretty in pink beet, apple and ginger juice and a kiwi spirulina smoothie. (It was just like the French Revolution, only a little bit less cheese and a little bit more kale.)

It was a “Green, Glam & Gourmande” evening complete with juices and smoothies inspired by my book (which is on sale at MERCI along with my favorite accessory le Vitamix (pronounced luh vee-tah-meex) so if you’re in Paris, get your green on there!)

Voilà some photos from this fabulous evening that was the epitome of La Haute KALEture!

By the way, if you want to buy these (ethically-produced!) cotton organic market bags (ok, ok you can use them for whatever you like, but I vote for stuffing them with greens galore at your favorite marché, of course) with a hand-drawn illustration by Renata (the famous @Piabrunost) send an email to LESAC@lafleurparisny.com (18 EUROS / $23)

Vive la Yogalution OR “Keep calm and speak French”:

MERCI to everyone who came out for this fabulous event, which by the way included visitors from across the globe. “The Yogalution will not be televised” – OK maybe not, but here are some photos.

Vive la yogalution! Vive la végolution! “Let them eat kale!”

xoxo Lafleur

More info on “Green, Glam & Gourmande”:



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